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This CBD is legitimate & it works! I’ve battled endometriosis & all of the cramps, migraines & fatigue it comes with. To my surprise, this CBD not only knocked out my cramps & migraines, but also relieved some anxiety I never really paid much attention to. Being in the fitness industry, I’ve heard of so many brands, so many hoaxes, & so many gimmicks around CBD, therefore I was too skeptical to venture out & find any on my own. After hearing the successes of clients & colleagues using this brand, I decided it was time to give it go, as it couldn’t be worse than any opioid I’ve ever taken. I’m forever grateful to have found something that not only aids in my monthly battle, but is a real product that I know I can trust. This CBD will be a part of my regime always.

– Amity

I can't praise this company enough. I used to have my medical card, and I went to dozens of different dispensaries in Arizona, trying everything I could get my hands on. Before the NANO CBD solution, I was convinced CBD oils don't work for me. I kid you not, five minutes after taking the NANO, I felt my stress melt away. Don't even get me started on the time I took it and used the Salience Muscle Balm on my sore neck muscles at the same time. It was heaven on earth. I HIGHLY recommend these products.

– Joe B

I am so thankful to have this emulsion from Salience. My daughter's lifestyle has been hugely altered by this CBD NANO Emulsion. We have been using it for about 5 months now and have seen great improvements. We have seen growth in regards to social engagement, more eye contact, present time awareness, and a decrease in behavioral issues/stimming overall global improvements because most important, my daughter seems happier and has more piece of mind. Thank you to the team at Salience.

– Lori S

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